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Product lifecycle management at a single site, from the very beginning

Ibex™ Design is our offering for your preclinical and IND needs through to clinical phase I. It includes a pioneering fixed price gene-to-vial package, with delivery of drug product within 12 months and at least 1 kg drug substance. To further increase predictability for you, we offer a manufacturing slot reserved for your clinical resupply. Benefit from our proven GS Gene Expression System® bioprocess platform and a holistic development strategy with the endpoint in mind.

Seamless transition from clinical to commercial manufacturing
Accelerate your market readiness with Ibex™ Develop. From the start of process characterization, we can help you to achieve your BLA submission in just 22 months. Clinical and commercial production are under the same roof, which simplifies comparability requirements and eliminates the need for tech transfers between sites. Our regulatory experience, illustrated by seven fast track BLA submissions we helped prepare in 2012-17, could help you to de-risk your filing.
A fully customized commercial supply solution, exclusive for your product or portfolio
Our innovative, high-responsive supply solution Ibex™ Dedicate allows you to delay your capacity build decisions and better manage investment risk. A pre-built wing and faster ramp-up save you up to 30 months total time to market. Flexible ownership and operating models give you freedom of choice, in combination with a technology-agnostic solution that can be tailored to suit mammalian and microbial production, vaccines, and cell and gene therapy.
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